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ADHD Coaching

I offer ADHD coaching to adults and to parents, with or without their children.  ADHD is such a complicated condition which can affect people in many different ways.  Essentially caused by low dopamine and low noradrenaline, the ADHD brain is different structurally to neurotypical brains , which causes problems essentially with what are known as executive functions - or the functions that you need to execute your life.  Not everyone struggles with the same things but having an understanding of what those different executive functions are, can make life very much easier.  Also finding the different strategies that work for you as an individual is most important - one size is never fits all.

Wether you have a diagnosis, are awaiting a diagnosis or don't want to go

down the diagnostic route at all, I can help you.  The most important aspect

of working with ADHD is understanding how it affects you personally and

then finding the strategies that will support you.

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