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Who Can a Neurodevelopment Program Help?
When I tell people that I am a neurodevelopment therapist, this is the most common question, and if you are looking at this website, the chances are you are looking for help for yourself or you child and most of all you want to know if you are in the right place.

So simply put, neurodevelopment therapy is a way of giving the brain and neurological system a second chance at development. When some of the developmental stages are missed, primitive reflexes don't get a chance to develop properly or develop and remain active when they should have gone away. A reflex is an action that the body has no conscious control over, such as closing your eyes when you sneeze. We are most familiar with the moro reflex in babies, when they startle and fling their arms wide, then cling and cry. Reflex movements, which start from 5 weeks in utero, build the nervous system, allow the brain and body to organise and develop so that eventually you can stand, move, think and function with ease. 

When these processes don't develop as they should then problems can develop such as poor focus, balance, impulse control, anxiety, social interaction, reading and writing, sensory processing and other issues. Children then get labelled and lose their confidence. In many cases, all that is required is a reorganisation of the neurological system.
A neurodevelopment programme can be used as a stand alone therapy or can be used alongside any other programme or treatment.

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