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Take Control of Your ADHD and Thrive: Discover the Power of my Expert Online Programme

Welcome to Organised Mind! 

I understand the unique challenges faced by adults with ADHD. As a qualified and experienced coach, I am here to support you on your journey to unlocking your full potential, maximizing your productivity, and achieve greater success in all areas of life.

With my proven coaching methods, I help you to harness the strengths of your ADHD and transform it into an asset that propels you forward.

Get Ready...

Take charge of your ADHD and unlock your true potential for success. Sign up for my expert ADHD Online Coaching Programme today and experience the transformative power of personalized guidance and support.

My Comprehensive 6-week Online ADHD Coaching Programme Includes:

  • Initial assessment to identify your unique strengths, challenges, and goals

  • Access to the Online Videos & Resources

  • Weekly group coaching check-in sessions with myself; an experienced ADHD coach

  • Personalized strategies and techniques to enhance focus, productivity, and organization

  • Action plans and progress tracking to ensure long-term success

  • Access to our Facebook online community for ongoing support and resources

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And There's More! 

When you sign up for my comprehensive coaching programme, I offer you a reduced rate on individual coaching sessions specifically designed for adults with ADHD.


These sessions address specific challenges and goals you may have, including:

✅ career development

✅ time management

✅ stress reduction, and

✅ building healthy habits


You can have this session either at the beginning, middle or within 1 month of completing the programme at a very low-priced cost.*

*proof of purchase of course required to qualify

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I'm Niki McGlynn

I am a qualified Neurodevelopment Therapist and ADHD Coach and have been working with people with ADHD, Autism and other Neurodiversity for over 20 years. As a licensed RMTi trainer, I also offer other courses to support adults and children in reaching their potential.

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What They Say...


Embrace your ADHD as a unique strength and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. Sign up today and embark on a transformative journey towards a more focused, fulfilled, and successful life.

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