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Rhythmic Movement Training

Rhythmic Movement Training is a natural movement based programme which can help to integrate the primitive and postural reflexes from early childhood development. The reflexes have been found to help setup the neurological foundations for mind and body development that should have all played their role sufficiently by around the age of 4 years old.

RMT gives us the second opportunity to revisit the early years and help develop and strengthen the neurological senses that may have been missed or not had sufficient time to fully develop and integrate, so that we can reach our highest potential.



The senses assisted by RMT are:


  • Motor

  • Visual

  • Auditory

  • Vestibular

  • Tactile

  • Proprioceptor



Developing and integrating these vital senses can make a difference to:


  • Self esteem

  • Self confidence

  • Academic skills – reading, writing and math

  • Phonological skills

  • Speech

  • Cognitive skills

  • Comprehension skills

  • Organisation skills

  • Emotional issues

  • Communication skills

  • Muscle tone

  • Posture

  • Balance

  • Focus and concentration

  • Co-ordination

  • Processing of information

  • Self confidence

  • Behaviour management

  • Executive functions



We all need to be able to access our senses for these everyday skills and by helping to integrate the reflexes life can become much easier. Everyone find ways to compensate by using coping strategies with their challenges but this usually requires lots of hard work and more effort being put into achieving success. Working with this Rhythmic Movement programme can help reduce the amount of effort needed to succeed.


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