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RMTi in Schools

Schools are seeing an increase in neurodiverse conditions, both in children who are diagnosed and those who may possibly require a diagnosis.  Also an increase in behavioural issues which can be distressing for the child as well as their peers, their family and teaching staff.  It is likely that the pandemic has had some role to play in this and the subsequent cost of living crisis, which has put everyone under increased levels of stress.

How Can RMTi Help?

RMTi is a simple set of movements and massage that can help to regulate the nervous system.  It can also address retained primitive reflexes, which are movement patterns that allow normal development of the central nervous system.  When these reflexes are not able to express themselves fully they become stuck or 'retained' in the system.  A movement program can echo these patterns and allow them to express themselves fully and become integrated into the system.

As well as affecting a child physically, they also affect mental and emotional development.

So for example, if you have a child who struggles to keep still, is overly chatty and struggles to listen,  may have a retained Spinal Galant Reflex, a child who struggles to sit upright and can't organise themselves or focus on their work may have retained neck reflexes, a child who is overly aggressive, manipulative or who runs away may have retained fear reflexes.  Retained fear reflexes can also be a cause of selective mutism.

RMTi can help by identifying where reflexes are retained in children and teaching these simple movement that can help.  The movements are safe and effective and can be enjoyed by the whole class or used within movement breaks to help focus and attention during class times.

How do I access RMTi in School

There a number of ways to access RMTi.  You can attend one of my School Readiness classes.  This is a two day training course aimed at people who work with groups.

I can come into school for a weekend, two days or 4 afternoons and teach your staff.  I have taught groups of teachers, teaching assistants and SEN teachers, tailored to each school's requirements.

I can come into school and assess an individual child and create a programme for them with the assistance of a TA or teacher so that the full movement programme cnan be accessed at school.

I can also attend for a day or half day Inst session and teach the fundamentals of primitive reflexes and simple activities that can help.

If you think that this is of interest to you or you school, please don't hesitate to get in touch

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